Early Career

Earlier work career

Directly prior to his current status as President and CEO of 1SEO.com, Mr. Lance Bachmann was the Vice President of AT&T and YellowPages.com. Before AT&T, he was also a District Sales Manager at Verizon.

District Sales Manager at Verizon – 2002 -2005

After graduating from Temple’s Fox School of Business, Bachmann started his career at Verizon, working his way from an Account Representative to District Sales Manager. His tenacity to learn helped him become a leading salesman and strengthened his sales expertise to help him thrive and grow 1SEO.

He was awarded and recognized for his work and sales performance on a regular basis, and always exceeded the expectations of his superiors. As District Sales Manager, he led a team that consistently generated $8-$10 million in sales in the Philadelphia area. His team was ranked No. 1 in the Big East by Verizon for their role in attaining over 540% of web sales.

Vice President of AT&T and YellowPages.com – 2005 -2008

His term as Vice President of AT&T and YellowPages.com began in 2005, and were beneficial to him in that he was able to learn from his professional role model and mentor Charles Stubbs, who was the President of AT&T at the time.  By working alongside Charles, Lance learned how to truly manage a business, as well as how a company’s employees should be managed, trained, and conditioned so that they are an asset to the company.

While at AT&T, Lance had the honor of helping the corporation found their YellowPages.com division.  Under his direction and guidance, he strategically opened and staffed twenty offices throughout the United States, managed 700+ employees, and also took the company from being a $0 business venture to a nearly $200 million company in just a few short months.  Travelling was a huge part of his time at YellowPages.com because many of his days were spent developing and implementing a stellar training department for the YellowPages.com Account Executives placed in their offices all over the US.

During his time at YellowPages.com, Lance helped the company roll out its numerous Internet marketing services such as search engine optimization and pay per click. As he was helping to establish digital marketing for small businesses, he used his experience and knowledge to open up the doors to 1SEO.com Digital Agency.

To this very day, Lance is also the youngest Vice President (at age 30) to have ever been awarded “The Eagle Award,” by AT&T.